It’s the stuff of Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs fantasies.

Mold removal and remediation is one of those things that falls on the not-so-short list of things homeowners dread having to do.

What’s ironic about that is current estimates put mold behind the walls of as many as 70 percent of homes, according to research released by Harvard University.

The good news is mold removal doesn’t have to be nearly as scary as it sounds.

By identifying the type of mold and using safe, effective mold removal products, the procedure is simplified and streamlined.

In general, most mold removal takes between one and five days. Here are four factors to consider when trying to figure out how long you can expect mold removal to take for you:

1. How much mold is there?

As in many cases, less is a very good thing. A smaller amount of mold will be easier to clean up, cutting down on removal time.

2. Where is the mold growing?

By nature, mold can grow anywhere. When it comes to removal, where the mold is growing can have a profound impact on how long removal takes. Mold growing underneath wall coverings or behind walls will take much more time and effort to remove than mold growing in damp areas of the home, like under kitchen sinks and in the bathroom. And since mold can spread from room to room, scale of infestation also plays an important role in how long remediation will take.

3. What materials is the mold growing on?

From floor to ceiling, mold spores know no bounds. Depending on the ease of access to the problem, timing of mold removal will likely be affected.

4. Who is doing the work?

Now more than ever, homeowners are giving DIY mold removal a try. And, thanks to environmentally, friendly mold removal products that are capable of saving people time and money, they are equipped with the resources they need to do so. However, some jobs are best suited for a professional. When the scope of the project reaches farther than a homeowner can address, calling a professional to get an estimate is the best next step. Be warned, though, many estimates range from $1,500 to $10,000 or more, depending on a number of factors.

These professionals are good at bringing Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs dreams to life, but you too can beat mold. With the right techniques and the products to do the job, anything is possible.

July 1st, 2017

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